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Tourist trail “Wolf’s Creek Valley”- description of the trail

„Wolf’s Creek Valley” tourist trail
Revealing the secrets of the “Wolf’s Creek Valley” we can feel as herbalists gathering materials for our medicinal mixtures or Walloons, searching the Karkonosze for valuable minerals and metals. At the trail’s beginning we will see a fascinating world of medicinal plants, formerly used by the Karkonosze laborants to herbal medicaments production, over 100 of which you can find out in The Karkonosze herb and bush garden. Then the path will lead us through meadows full of flowers inside a mountain stream valley, where we can see with our own eyes how the stream’s force has been carving a rocky substratum. Wandering through the Karkonosze forests, we can learn what is the reason of fir cloning, what the term “liściarka” means and which bird species dwell in the bird houses. Then the trail will lead us along the stream, in the waters of which the prospectors were searching for gold in days of yore, and farther on to the KNP Information Centre where, visiting the exposition, we can take in more about the Walloons and geological curiosities of this part of the Karkonosze.

Trail length: approximately 3,5 km
Number of information stops: 8
1. KNP IC (the map of the trail)
2. KNP meadow ecosystems
3. Coarse wood debris
4. Forest stand remodelling
5. Wolf’s Creek cascades
6. Clone gene archive of the fir
7. Hay rack
8. Bat and bird houses

The lowest stop: 700 m AMSL
The highest stop: 750 m AMSL
Drop: 50 m
Time of completion: approximately 1,5 – 2 hours
Itinerary: The path consists of a loop leading through the KNP tourist trails, starting from the KNP Information Centre in Karpacz and goes along the green trail to Ursula’s Path, then by the Path to the yellow trail along Łomniczka stream and back to the KNP IC. The path is fully accessible to pedestrians and partly (the Ursula’s Path) for cyclists.